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US National Capitol

US National Capitol

Allies for Children is grateful that, in a bipartisan vote, the Senate rejected legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act—in full or in part. None of the bills proposed in the Senate or House would have taken steps to improve children’s access to health insurance. Advocates for children were concerned that proposals would have undermined the historic gains in coverage made. Currently, in Pennsylvania, 95 percent of children have health insurance, and 98 percent of Allegheny County children are covered.

Bills proposed in the Senate and that passed by the House would have had devastating impacts on health outcomes for children. Now is the time for leaders in Congress to come together to improve, not undermine, the health of children and all Americans. ~Allies for Children Executive Director Patrick Dowd

Allies for Children, elected leaders and community stakeholders will continue to promote a culture of coverage to make certain children can access the care they need.

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