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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Natasha Lindstrom

November 3, 2016

Erika Fricke, health policy director for Allies for Children, testified she believes the ban does not keep vapers from experiencing the potential benefits of e-cigarettes.

“Rather, they’re saying, ‘OK, we do not as a culture want to take a step backward in public spaces and allow e-cigarettes in a place where cigarettes are not currently allowed to be smoked,” said Fricke, who expressed concerns over indoor vaping “normalizing” the use of tobacco products and threatening to get young kids addicted to nicotine.

“I don’t want my children or the children of Allegheny County to see e-cigarette smoking in places where cigarette smoking is banned, and neither do I want them to be exposed to the second-hand vapors from e-cigarettes when we don’t yet know the impacts on their health.”

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